black jigs are the new black

black jigs are the new black

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monday was soooo monday. got back to the shop and found the back door broken into in the bike shop. the thieves took 13 bikes and a bunch of shoes, tires, new tools and bags. we were all drop jawed about the whole thing. it took a hour or so for the thing to settle. the cops showed up and took a report. fortunately the crooks didn’t bother to venture downstairs or into the office up stairs. kind of makes me happy to have nothing but old rusty bike tubing and dirty frame building tools. there is more written about the whole thing on

two days later the tweakers were seen trying to sell the very stolen bikes just 4 blocks away from the shop. idiots! in my mind all bike thieves should have their balls nailed to the floor of a burning house.

just my feelings.

on the same day as the break in, i received my new henry james bridge and boss jig. oh my god!!!! it is like being able to pee off the bike on a century, what a time saver! yesterday, i cranked out the last bit of a touring bike with both the bridges and canti posts in about 30 minutes. it may seem slow but if you see me in the shop, you’d realize how much faster that is for me. i mean come on, excellence can not be rushed.

i have been wanting to give everyone a little taste of my shop atmosphere. the top ten listened to music at the workbench.

1. common- like water for chocolate
2. billy holiday
3. erykah badu- live
4. lazer mix- classic iowa city bike racer mix (thanks again pickle)
5. justin timberlake- justified
6. elliott smith- xo
7. magnolia electric company
8. sleater kinney- hot rock
9.bruce springsteen- nebraska
10. tom waits- rain dogs

3 Responses to “black jigs are the new black”

  1. Jewels Says:

    Meg and Jack are sad to hear that “Icky Thump” didn’t make it into the top ten.

  2. i.m. lawyer, esq. Says:

    i want to remind you, in a legal vein, that i hold bike thieves in lower regard and esteem than murderers, baby rapers, and illegal music downloaders.
    and i’ve had the opportunity to tell them so. it doesn’t affect my representation of them, but i feel that full disclosure is the only proper thing.
    the defendants have all appreciated my candor, and none have requested different counsel.
    but i DO remind them how despicable they are.
    i hope you don’t relent on prosecution: suggest, among other things, that they do bike-related community service, trail work or something.
    good luck.

  3. Alyssa Says:

    as of late, some days at the broken spoke, where i spend much of the time with mr. steve and john larue, are filled with mos def.

    black on both sides should be a go-to at every shop…everywhere.

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