seattle to portland

or how i beat johnny gato in a sprint.

200 miles at 20mph average with the rahpa team. we left seattle at around 6:30 am and weaved our way through about 5000 riders all seeming to bounce off each other. once we were out of the city and headed into the country side we just rolled along and chatted as the sun worked it’s way higher in the sky. at mile 65 or so, after some fierce sprints and attacks for county and city limits signs, we see johnny sundt from seattle. el gato as his teammates call him. he rolls by us at 27mph towing a handful of riders. we all group together and roll toward centrailia washington. at 86 miles into the 200, johnny kicks up the pace. hott sam jumped on his wheel but didn’t want to work that hard with over 100 miles to go. i bridged. johnny and i rotated at 28 mph into centrailia where i got the sprint by a bike throw off the front. that might be the only time i will ever beat a pro in a sprint so i am savoring it.

we roll through town and find the van with sandwitches and cokes. mmmmmm lunch. the next 100 miles was hard but the group stayed together pretty well and we were able to maintain our average pace. greg johnson, aaron erbeck and daniel all seemed to come alive around mile 170. the diesels went to the front and just rolled it along highway 30 all the way into scappose. hott sam had never ridden more than 110 miles but seemed to keep some in reserve as he punched it at the 190 miles mark. i tried to keep pace but i think the johnny gato breakaway earlier in the day took it out of me. so hott sam rolled into victory in the 2007 stp ride with me 2 minutes down in the g.c. but it was a good ride and i slept well that night.

i would also like to give a shout out to my friend dan sharp who has been photographing our rapha continental rides this summer. check em out here.


4 Responses to “seattle to portland”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    twerp lives!

  2. the mostly reverend Says:

    good story, ira. take mr pickle on such an odessey while he and miss cody are out there.

  3. nate Says:

    good writeup ira. i was looking behind me all day waiting for you guys to catch me, but i guess i got out of the gate a little too early for that.

  4. Hahn Says:

    My director sportif insists that I contest the results. My solo in for the win was a clear victory. Are any of you suckers coming up for the North Cascades Ride?

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