full zipper

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after months of waiting. i finally received the first ira ryan kits. they are all spoken for except for a couple med long sleeve jerseys. they look good and fit great. they all have full zippers and three big pockets good for carrying fig newtons and coca cola. i would like to get more kit for next year but we’ll see how it all goes. i have to say thanks to g. pickle and cody in iowa city for all the help with the order and graphics.

this saturday is the seattle to portland ride. woo-hoo!!


7 Responses to “finally!!!!”

  1. t-bear Says:

    unrelated to this topic (other than the looking hot as hell part) you were laying it down at tabor last night! so rad seeing up there gunning it- nice work.

  2. ira ryan Says:

    i really gotta say i wish my calves looked half as ripped as your tony.

  3. gpickle Says:

    Good looking clothes my friend. I look forward to walking into a small town Iowa bar wearing them and finally getting some respect from the locals.

  4. the mostly reverend Says:

    that’s gotta be some SMALL town iowa bar!

  5. Darren P Says:

    To heck with racing, just wear those jerseys and pick up chicks.

  6. zak Says:

    or in my case, just sit around the house and look fast.

  7. Patrick Says:


    I need a jersey for the track. People are giving mad props for your ride each week I’m out there on it. Drop me a line and we’ll make the exchange….

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