man and machine

man and machine

Originally uploaded by iraryancycles.

just imagine that ricky’s shirt reads “ira ryan cycling team.” here is the first 29r to roll outta the shop. just in time for ricky to race the cream puff in a couple weeks. i think ricky said something about peeing his pants, he was so excited about his bike. i can’t blame him. i think the bike turned out great for the first 29r i have built. simple, clean and classy in pearl white powdercoat. i remember seeing a photo of ricky racing in the midwest back in the day, rolling on a barracuda team bike with magura hydro rim brakes, first generation manitou fork and hair down to his butt. ricky welcome to the 21st century of mountain biking. you’re gonna love it.
i have been requested to describe my trans-iowa set up a little. aside from the custom lugged frame (duh) i laced up some lightweight wheels. for a race, i like to go a little on the light side and keep my fingers crossed. for long rides and training i might be a little more conservative. hubs are ultegra 9 speed with 28 holes with dt double butted spokes, 3 cross and alloy nipples. the velocity aerohead rims are drilled out on the inner wall, voiding any and all warranty. i think i used a 1/4 inch drill bit to put 2 holes in between each spoke hole for a total weight savings of 15 grams of rotating weight. velox rimstrips and 700×30 scwalbe marathon racers. by far the best tire for a trans-iowa victory. this setup rolls fast, climbs like pantani on coke and soaks up the gravel like a sponge.
again, if anyone in portland wants to ride to a coffee shop in vancouver on 7-7-07 to watch the first stage of the tour, be at stumptown’s downtown cafe at 8am. it’ll be fun and a great way to explore the i-5 bridge.

6 Responses to “man and machine”

  1. snarkypants Says:

    “pantani on coke”
    love it.
    sweet sled, too. well done!

  2. Sean Says:

    Wow, the bike looks fantastic. Since I now find myself in a new tax bracket I may need to order something sooner rather than later. I also realize that I might actually be in N. Portland on 7.7.07 delivering my nephew back to my brother, or is it 7.14.07?

  3. Darren P Says:

    You know, a young guy could grow old on that bike and after many miles and trials both would look pretty good. An old guy would look good on that bike and not like a fool on the latest multi-linked monster. I think you got a winner there Ira. Do you have a name for it besides “29er”? Would you like suggestions?

  4. gj Says:

    that is a nice mountain bike ira!

  5. the mostly reverend Says:

    you know, over the years, i managed to set a few benchmarks for riding on coke, too.
    not that i can remember any of them.
    now skiing on hash, that’s quite another matter.
    i DO recall those: usually ended upside-down in a snow drift.

    name suggestions: i like names, not numbers.
    i’d hate to have my custom bike be just another number.
    it’s so “the man.”

  6. gpickle Says:

    Happy Birthday Ira!

    You so old!

    Look for card, cd’s, goodies and the like in the mail whenever we get less lazy. Or maybe we will just deliver our prescence when we get there?


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