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big week at ira ryan cycles. i got my mill up and running and mitered a pair of unicrown fork blades for a fork i am building for matt hall. it took 10 minutes!!! i love it. this gives me more time to drink coffee and ride my bike. just kidding. i am behind on my build time but with any luck, i can catch up and maybe, just maybe, get ahead.
my father was in town for a couple days last week. he doesn’t really ride a bike but after some coaxing, i got him to ride across town to the multnomah county bike fair. after a couple garage sales and buying a fishing pole, we made it but it was such a zoo, we only stayed for a hour. joel hosted a all day summer social at the house so dad and i returned to find about 20 people hanging out at the house. dee’s ginger hefevizen was awesome along with e.strong’s chocolate cake and meagan’s homemade strawberry ice cream.
sunday was the barlow trail century and the first official rapha team ride. 6 am and coffee was on at my house. daniel, aaron, greg, evil ryan and rachel. we rolled down the springwater corridor to the start and continued out as the overcast skies started to mist. rachel and ryan crashed about 6 miles in and opted out of the ride. we were left with just the 4 of us as we climbed and decended through the hills towards lolo pass road. along the way, i was keeping track of mileage and elevation on the garmin computer. by the end of the climb, we were all joking about how garmin see’s all that our ride had to offer. at the summit, the rain started to get heavy as all the roadies shivered and stuffed newspapers under their jerseys for the 30 minute decent. we all huddled under the two tents and ate fatty pasteries. the decent was rad in the rain. aaron and i raced along at 45 mph thinking about how this was nothing compared to andy hampsten’s epic 1988 giro stage in the snow over the gavia pass. as we leveld out towards the bottom, the sun started to show and we cruised back along the route towards portland. the rain came and went and we rolled into the finish around 4pm. we all wolfed down a burrito and continued on home. 125 miles with 9300 feet of climbing at 16 mph average speed. good times.
today i should be finishing up rick martin’s 29r bike just in time for the cascade cream puff 100 mile mountain bike race.
on 7/7/07 the tour starts and i will be hosting a ride to benefit bikes to rwanda. it will be from downtown portland to downtown vancouver, wa. to river maiden coffee to view the first stage of the tour de france.
we will be starting at 8 am at the downtown stumptown cafe. leaving at 8:30 and riding across the interstate bridge. at 2pm we will be returning to portland. hope to see you there.


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  1. chicken curry Says:

    mon dieu, unicrown fork.

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