weekday racing

i took the afternoon off from work to roll up to mt tabor and duke it out in the catagory 3 circuit race. it felt good to get out and hurt a little. the circuit race at mt tabor is one of the things that i love about living in portland. being able to ride a couple miles and race a real bike race doesn’t happen in many cities. on the way over to the race, i stopped by matt hall’s house and we rolled over to the park together after he fixewd me up with a double shot of esspresso. yummy. got to the race a little early which afforded me a little extra time to warm up and even jsmp into the master race before our race to get the blood pumping a little. the 3’s race started out with a little more action and after a couple laps settled into a quick pace with a 150ft hill climb and a decent allowing a little recovery. i put in a deep effort in the 4th lap and it took all i had just to stay on the pack after that. by the 10 lap, i was recovered and in 6th position for the final 800 meters but lacked the sprint to finish strong. it felt like my parachute deployed as most of the field passed me. racing a 14 mile circuit racing seems to take more out of me than 300 miles on gravel. for all the pain, racing is the only way to get faster and i will be back next week.

i am hoping to get ricky martin’s 29r race bike together in a day or two so he can race at the cascade creampuff. 100 miles of  mountain bike racing in the heart of the cascades. according to ricky and matt hall, it is the best mountain biking in all of oregon which is big place with lots of mountains. looking forward to getting it rolling. ricky and i have both been keeping tabs on john spurgeon too. he only has 300 miles left before he gets to the finish as the first single speeder ever to finish raam. also the first ira ryan cycles bike to finish raam. way to go john.

that’s enough racing, back to work.


2 Responses to “weekday racing”

  1. gpickle Says:

    Shit little buddy, I’ll bet that 14 mile effort won’t make your calves swell up like loafs of Wonder Bread!

    Did you wear the poser gear? Were the other racers nicer to you or meaner?

    Congrats on the RAAM frame, where will the accolades end?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. travis Says:

    He finished in 16th place a hell of a accomplishment. There is supposed to be a interview later today.

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