john spurgeon raam bike

john spurgeon raam bike

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john is doing raam on a ira ryan single speed that i built! i have been keeping tabs on his progress from the raam website. he has completed about 1000 miles and in good spirits with 2000 miles to go. he is in 18th place and looking to finish strong in new jersey. i found a you tube video here:
the orange bike is the one i built that his crew cheif call the road bike. sacha built the silver bike that is the climbing bike. it is rad to realize that a bicycle that i built is being raced accross the country. i love it.

off to the paint shop this morning and then to the shop to finish up a couple frames.


5 Responses to “john spurgeon raam bike”

  1. Team Bacon Strip Says:

    […] bike is an Ira Ryan frame. I met Ira @ NAHBS. Cool guy. Nice looking bikes. The other is a Vanilla. Now here’s me […]

  2. Xena Says:

    Ira I saw an article on you in a portland guide the other night while sipping wine in a “trendy third” winebar….Miss seeing your face around NW delivering packages etc.
    D says your doing OK and have done some modeling too! Glad to hear it, keep it up! We all love seeing you in the “LIMELIGHT”
    ~ GO IRA ~

  3. travis Says:

    He is so close to pulling up a few more spots in the next stage or two… RAAM is insane every year I am glued to the computer waiting for updates. I think I had enough watching and I am going to start training for 2009. If I can get my shit together I will have you build me another bike in a year.
    P.S I will send pictures of the rando bike in the next day or so, it looks great.

  4. Grace Fear Says:

    My name is Grace, and I have had the pleasure to watch the majority of the RAAM bikers pass by my home. I do have 3 photos of John and the van. If you are interested I will send them to you from my yahoo acct.(I do not know how to send them on here). I also have my photos of RAAM posted on the webpage in a guest album- On the road. my below address is the title with the American flag!! Enjoy!
    John was battling pounding rain and threatening skies when he passed 6-21-07 around 5:30pm. Just a few miles East of TS#51. He is a real inspiration!! I am so happy that he was awarded the IAN SANDBACH award!! His energy, attitude and strength really stood out as I watch history in the making pass my home!! I was greatful I could cheer him, and see John SMILE, as he pedaled the blazing orange bike past!!!
    Great color choice…you made history and a great statement!!!
    WAY TO GO!!
    Congratulations on your wonderful bike design!!
    Hope to see of your bikes more next year 🙂

    Grace Fear

    930 W.Orchard Road Mercersburg, PA 17236

  5. RAAM on a one gear at The Bacon Strip Says:

    […] bike is an Ira Ryan frame. I met Ira @ NAHBS. Cool guy. Nice looking bikes. The other is a Vanilla. Now here’s me […]

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