1 am again?

i have been busting out some late nights lately. 11:30 two nights in a row then 1 am last night. it feels good to have the music cranked in the shop and just crank out some work. got 2 frames tacked in the jig and half brazed up before i started to really fade. the key is the double americano at 4:30pm. all in the name of productivity. i used sacha’s mill to miter a tubeset and now i can’t wait to have a simple mitering setup on my jig. i ordered a mill vise, collet set and some hole saws to set it up i would love to knock the wait list back a couple months by having a tube mitering system. look for boring pictures of metal filings and bicycle tubes in the near future.

have to get to bed to ride mountain bikes with matt hall tomarrow morning. a little romp through forest park before heading to the shop for work. if i am feeling really good i might even show up and race road bikes on mt. tabor at 6 too. we’ll see. the road bike needs some t.l.c. after the months of training and the trans iowa.

must sleep……………….


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