lolo pass century


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sometimes i just really feel like we (cyclists) are always in the crosshairs of car culture and it really scares me. on saturday i was headed over to drop off a frame, fork and fenders to get painted. i had it all on my bag on my back which i am sure looked a little goofy to the average driver to see a rolling sculpture in the bike lane. i passed another cyclist only to hear a yell and the crunch of metal right after i passed her. i turn around to see what happened. a big suv had turned right into the cyclist and almost run over her. she was all laid out with a swollen knee and a mangled bike. the driver hadn’t seen her and felt bad. i helped the cyclist into the car with her bike in the back and told the driver to take her to the hospital. i was pissed but getting angry wasn’t going to make the situation any better.
then today i heard about this,
what the fuck????
anyway, that was saturday. sunday was all about the ride. 100 miles. 7,000 ft of climbing. 9 miles of gravel desending. i met daniel, rachel, fas, nate and dan at stumptown at 7am for the usual preride coffee. we rode out the springwater corridor to get to boring and highway 26 fast. mellow pace around 18mph as we rolled into sandy. fas was hurting a bit on the rollers but we all felt good about the ride. the plan was nate and i were gonna ride up lolo pass and then down to hood river and the everyone else was going to turn around and roll back to portland. when we stopped for water at zigzag, everyone decided to ride the whole way. the climb was hot and steep at times. i think the temp was around 94 degrees. i rolled ahead averaging 11mph by th time i made it to the top. the view was awesome looking straight up at mt hood. i turned around to meet up with everyone 3 miles back as they waited for fas to make it up the last steep section. we all regrouped, made it to the summit and decended down the gravel fire road for 8 miles. the gravel was super wash boardy with potholes big enough to eat a vw beetle. after 4 flats and some water, the gravel turned back to chipseal and dropped down to lost lake road. we regrouped and discovered we were all out of water with 20 miles to go. daniel and i diced it up on the rollers outside hood river befor ethe heat took it’s toll. just then 8 racers from portland rolled by with out so much as a wave or a hello. “dude, roadies suck!” i thought to myself. they had ridden the same way but had run out of water 2 hours earlier. ouch. they rolled by and up the road as daniel dared me to catch them. i bridged and rotated with molly and jerimiah into hood river. we stopped to get water and i waited for daniel, rachel, nate,fas and dan. we all cruised into hood river tired, thirsty, and hot. greg and lia hosted a bbq that was awsome and daniel, mika, the boys and i drove back to portland that night.
whew, what a busy weekend.
i promise to write about bikes and shop stuff next.



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  1. matt hall Says:

    mtb SUPER EPIC this sunday….Hagg Lake,to Browns Camp, to Reerers, then rock it over to the Banks Vernonia trail, over Forest Park then home. 110 or so…..DO IT!!!! Put that “roadie” power to good use.

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