victory again!!

photo by seng chen at
thanks seng!

zak killed it at the north american cycle courier championships. he took king of track and won the messenger track race, walking away with a ticket to dublin ireland for messenger worlds in september 07. congrats to zak for riding super strong and rockin the ira ryan track bike all over s.f. for a weekend.
meanwhile back at the ranch……..i baught a milling machine. it felt a bit like buying a car or a house or a $2,000 tubing order. $900 for a early 1940’s vernon horizontal mill that tips the scales at 700 lbs. moving it into the basement shop was a feet. i have felt like i have been building pyrimids the last couple days. how to get 350 lb lego piece on top of another 350 lb base? i still need to wire up 220 volts to plug it in but it will make everything faster in a couple weeks.
in the meantime i have to keep the torch hot and crank out bikes. the nice weather has the phone ringing off the hook for bikes and racks. bikes are soooooo in this summer.


7 Responses to “victory again!!”

  1. Darren P Says:

    Good for you Ira and a 1940’s shop tool will probably be something you’ll sell to your novice apprentice for more than you paid for it after 30 years of faithfully cranking out Ira Ryan Bicycles. Of course will it be needed with future carbon-fiber-optic-silicone-bluetooth frame material? Or maybe aluminum will be the retro material of choice in 2037… that’s scary.

  2. Adam Alpern Says:

    sweet mill. I said hello to Zak when I saw your name on his frame. Rack and track next to each other 🙂

  3. gpickle Says:

    Glad to hear that mill is where it needs to be well before I am in town! Hooray for your framebuilders resume what with all these victories – I nabbed a sprint on the group ride Thursday with my IRC cap on, of course. Michael and I were just discussing the other day how much we will be laughing in 40 years when an old carbon frame comes into the shop or a cartridge bottom bracket or some other silly thing that has gone the way of the Bush presidency…

  4. gpickle Says:

    Oh yeah, how does one learn how to use a mill? Does it come with a users manual? Was this part of your framebuilders tutorial at Vanilla? Them big pieces look mighty industrial!

  5. the mostly reverend Says:

    congrats! i echo g pick’s comments, as they relate to your growing list of notable victories.
    pretty cool, i must say.
    [any word on clothing, by the way?]

  6. John G Says:

    Mmmmm. Milling machine.

  7. 39cross Says:

    Very nice..let’s see, early 40’s? Maybe this was used in war production back then..bombs to bikes.

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