vitamin e for epic

vista potato head

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matt hall had been planning a ride out to brown’s camp for a long time and last sunday we did it. i met matt and dave at the ace hotel at 8 am and we caught the max out to hillsboro. we picked up jeremy in beaverton before getting to the end of the line and riding to forest grove and south to haag lake for some single track. we rode the single track a bit too long and missed our gravel road that would take us to the coast range. after riding 3/4 around the lake on the road and on the trail, we found the gravel. we climbed for a couple miles before the road started to roll and wind us into the heart of timber country. on the train in beaverton we picked up a mr potato head toy that someone had left so he became the mascot of our adventure out to brown’s camp. we can be seen getting extreme along the way. dave rode his new 29r single speed but kept on the pace up the climb and along the ridge. we had a couple navigational errors as we tried to find the logging road to the single track. eventually we climbed out of the woods and shocked some campers with where we started that morning. brown’s camp was crawling with atv’s and campers. we found the glorious single track and started rallying it even though we were all tired from the epic ride to the ride. we did one loop and headed back on hwy 6. we decended for a good 15 minutes from the summit and then slogged on to forest grove to catch the train back to portland. noonw had a computer but we all calculated around 65 miles round trip with around 20 miles of single track.

i heart long bike rides.


2 Responses to “vitamin e for epic”

  1. the mostly reverend Says:

    your spud bud totally slipped by me until i supersized him.
    i should take mine for a ride someday.

  2. gpickle Says:

    Nice pictures Ira, looked like a great ride – and fun, too!

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