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it’s hard to think of anything worst than waking up and not having roasted coffee in the house but having the whole house smell like freshly roasted coffee is well worth the wait. roast, grind, boil water, french press, pour, enjoy.
picked up travis’ bike at paint yesterday and it is all ready to ship out to south dakota. classic black rando frame with a little rack for bag support and holding lights run off the front dynamo. something about a black bicycle frame that is so simple and clean. purpose built for long rides with fenders and a light bag.
looking forward to building a couple more rando bikes along with a fixie trainer and a few porteur city bike.


2 Responses to “rando-tastic”

  1. the mostly reverend Says:

    ira, i certainly don’t mean to sound presumptuous or any more of a know it all than i usually do, but having worked at a shop for several years where we roast beans maybe 5 or more days a week, i feel comfortable sharing this tip:
    freshly roasted coffee is always better the day AFTER it is roasted, to allow the gases and compounds that are changed as a result of the roasting to escape, and further to allow the oils to migrate to the surface of the bean.
    then, when you grind on the morning after, you have beans that are literally dying to jump in the grinder and give their shiny oily butts for your morning buzz.
    on the other hand, if you take beans fresh from the roaster and pop them into the grinder, they are shell-shocked and needing to relax, while you enjoy their brothers and sisters from the previous day’s roast.

    roast your beans today
    made from yesterday’s roasting.
    finer it will be.


  2. travis Says:

    ira, the bike looks even better in person. Some of my parts and tools have yet to arrive so it looks like it will just be fenders, lights and wheels this weekend. Thanks for everything, i will send picuters when it is done.

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