euro clash

euro clash

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rode this morning for a couple hours with sacha and tony kic down to oregon city and back. super chill rolling pace. very good to roll along and talk with sacha. we used to have a scheduled ride once a week but work has been too good and now we don’t get to hang out as much.
the balance between work and riding has been great the last couple weeks. i have been able to get a solid ride in before work and then maybe a little forest park mountain bike action on the way home. still have some good sensations in my legs from the tranny. daniel, greg, aaron, tony, rachel and i all did reach the beach this past weekend and had a f-in blast. we all met downtown, had coffee, took the light rail to beavertron and rode to the start. 100 miles out to the ocean in a paceline at 18mph. killer. greg and i ended up driving the pace up to 25mph for the last 6 miles and finished first on this scenic non competitive ride. hung out for a couple minutes and then i continued south into the headwind for another 50 miles to meet julie at the beach house for a ride back the next day.
when i hit the 140 mile mark i got a call from cody in iowa city. she told me that steve (g. pickle) had won the 200 mile dirty kanza gravel road race. i lost it. i was so happy and tired i just started to cry i was so happy. i remembered what it was like to win the first tranny. killer. check out the story at
yesterday i found this story too. true classic style.



5 Responses to “euro clash”

  1. Craig Says:

    makes my 56 mile ride from Amity to Pac City silly kid stuff.

  2. bikeiowa Says:

    WHAT the hell is up with them photos man??!?!? I did not know you shaved your chest, interesting! Have you seen the KTR results? Brian Hannon rolls fast! Soon Ira, we must speak, thanks for YOUR support, always.

  3. bikeiowa Says:

    We just bought tickets dude, we are coming to get ya!

    Aug 4th through the 18th, cancel all other plans!

  4. the mostly reverend Says:

    thanks for the pineapple bob link, ira.
    another mellow trip down memory lane.
    it’s my favorite bike route.
    leaving tomorrow morning for the memorial day weekend festivities…with a special twist for the devil on the snake! wish you were there, green shoes and all!

  5. JeremyS Says:

    I found Belgium Knee Warmers through Molly Cameron, what a great blog!

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