midnight oil

fork mounted lights

Originally uploaded by iraryancycles.

back in the swing of things with shop time. worked until 11:30 the last 2 nights and got a lot done. the idea that a frame would take so long to build used to be crazy to me but now i can’t understand how it could be done any faster without a milling machine or lathe. i feel like i am the only builder who still cuts everything by hand. i have been looking for mills and lathes but at this point it is a ways off.
finished barry’s fixied gear touring bike with dual light mounts on the fork. ready for paint and build up. super clean and tough. all black paint with full racks. ricky’s 29r is next. a bit of a departure from my normal 700c style but it looks super good. i have a rando bike with front rack, a winter fixie trainer and a couple porteur bikes next. not enough time in the day for all the work i have in front of me.


6 Responses to “midnight oil”

  1. Adam Alpern Says:

    That’s a really neat fork. The upcoming bikes sound cool too — keep the photos coming!

  2. Darren P Says:


    Have you ever considered raising money for tools like lathes and mills the same way you raised money to get to Iowa?


  3. Cody G. Says:

    I can seeeee you!

  4. travis Says:

    i would pitch in to a mill and lathe fund or order another frame. First though I think you could raise your prices a touch. Look at what Johnny is charging now for a frame and fork or any of the other builders. You charged me less for a frame, fork, rack, stem and brakes than the rest would of for just a frameset. Mind you I am not complaining I am just saying your work is top notch. You could get by with charging a little more and still be below the price point of the rest to stay a little more competitive. Anyway yeah your prices are great but you need to make more for your time and effort.

  5. ari Says:

    I think the idea of raising money is great. This would make your life easier and you would have some free time. I think your following is large enough to be able to help out. Find out some prices, put them out on the blog and we can get an idea. Do it.

  6. D.P. Says:

    Beautifully executed dually light mount. Not sure if you ever saw my uber commuter I brought back from Germay. Ran dual union generators/lamps on a esge rack bracket. Used eccetric washers pairs from canti brakes to micro-adjust lamps in horizontal plane.

    Anyway, what all those other people said about the cutting grinding bits.

    Another other Dave

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