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Ira Ryan’s Zak Trak (oh, and Zak, I presume)

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after a week i am begining to feel like i am back in the saddle again. someone sent me this pic of zak racing at alpenrose velodrome over the weekend. he loves the bike. i am excited to have a track bike out there being raced. i think it improves bicycle development and gives me a chance to get feedback as a builder.
just a little background on the ira ryan cycles “team.” zak works as a bike messenger and races on the weekends. he is super fast and has a handfull of bike messenger victories to add to his belt. zak often takes messengers out to the track to teach them how to ride and race on the steepest velodrome in the states.
matt hall races cross and mountain bikes and loves tom waits. how can you not respect someone who can desend down a whole mountainside without using his brakes? by far one of the nicest people i have met in portland. matt has raced the cascade creampuff a number of times along with being a perenial favorite in the cross racing in portland. matt can often be found enjoying a short double americano at only the finest coffee shops in portland.
ricky martin is a f@#%ing madman. anyone who thinks that i am a hard man for riding 340 miles straight should have seen ricky as he finished the race across oregon. 540 miles with over 40,000 feet of climbing with a finish at timberline lodge. he finished in time to qualify for race across america. personally i think he is crazy, but if anyone can ride, it’s ricky. growing up in illinois and racing elite mountain bike races in the upper midwest in the early 1990’s before moving out to oregon to persue real mountain biking. ricky will be rocking a 29r geared mountain bike in the cascade creampuff this july.
i started racing when i was 16 in iowa city, iowa and after a couple years realized that there was more to life than Vo2 max and weekend criteriums. i ride enough now to stay fit but try to get a handful of races in a year. cross is always fun but the hardest hour of my life. i plan on a couple mountain bike races and maybe a road race or two.
ira ryan cycles jerseys are on the way but i only have a few medium long sleeves left. if anyone is interested let me know and if it all goes well, there may be another order for short sleeves too.



5 Responses to “back on trak”

  1. kori Says:

    i was admiring that bike on friday from a distance (i will check it out up close next time i see it.) also impressive that his clothes matched the frame!:

    i am excited to have a track bike out there being raced. i think it improves bicycle development and gives me a chance to get feedback as a builder.

    if you ever need anyone to test out bikes (especially on the track), i’d be happy to help out. ;D

    i hope in time i will be fast (and rich) enough to warrant a custom, ira ryan, track frame. for one guy frame builders, you do have one of the most reasonably priced rates.

  2. kori Says:

    it didn’t like my html, here is the link to my photo of frame in action:

  3. gpickle Says:

    Yo Ira!

    Glad to hear you are back at it my friend. Cody and I wrapped up our Bike to Work madness yesterday, now we are free to play. DK200 is this weekend I will have to be content to ride in my Ira cap with another jersey for now. Talk to you soon

  4. the mostly reverend Says:

    i am looking forward to getting my longsleeved joizey, ira.

    wish WE had a track here. we hafta drive to wisconsin in a couple weeks to have our IOWA state championships.

    oh, woe is us.

  5. mcdougal, mike Says:

    hey guy. just got back from Marin and doing a bit of lurking…got any jerseys left? any rides going this weekend? huh?

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