13 hours to go

FUCK! so my travel back to iowa city involved a 10 hour layover in denver and lots of rain. but i made it home at 2 am on tues. rested and mellow for a couple days as i visit good friends and family. got out for a couple hours today of gravel riding before sitting in a truck for 3 hours with kenny and g pickle. i remembered everything, can’t train anymore and am ready to roll out at 4 am tomarrow. i pod all loaded up with plenty of cult, van halen, distillers, dee lite and common but i have a feeling that at 3 am i will have some ozzy running through my head. i don’t hide the fact that i love me some shitty rock. what ever keeps the feet going in circles all night. the gravel in iowa is great this time of year. some sloppy sections with all the rain lately but the weather this weekend is supposed to be sunny and 70 but the wind is gonna be a force to be contended with. (as it is always is in the heartland) i think it will all turn out good as i accepting the idea that i am just going out for a long ride. no win, just finish. we’ll see……….

i am gonna kill it though.

thanks for all the support.

15 Responses to “13 hours to go”

  1. Phil Says:

    Good luck!

  2. Sean Says:

    May your wheels roll true and the wind stay at your back. Best of luck.

  3. Gritty Says:

    Way to go IRA!!!!!!!

  4. joel Says:

    just discovered the transiowa audio updates in time to find out the news! congrats! off the front for the entire day, huh? solo for the last 12 hours? 25 hours flat? niiiiiice. i think its your body trying to get it over with quickly so it can have beer, ice cream and cookies again.

  5. beth h Says:

    Ira Ryan rocks the universe.
    Stay upright and true and tell us all about it when you get back.
    Love, B

  6. Darren P Says:

    Congrats. And do tell all about it.

  7. Sean Says:

    Solid work, well done.

  8. the mostly reverend Says:

    great to see you yesterday, ira. iowa city is always nice. congratulations and all that.
    i am curious, and as it didn’t come up in coversation, well: no mechanicals in 25 hours of this? THAT’S imprssive!!
    and i read that you dropped your companion on a hill. good work.
    now rest your knees.

  9. Ari Says:

    Ira, a warm congratulations to you. Will be waiting for all the details.
    from Chicago.
    A messed up closing on a touwnhouse screwed all my plans for the weekend. Sorry to have missed you.

  10. Patrick Says:

    Hell YES IRA!!!

    Way to go.

    I’d love to host a party at my place to congratulate you.

    Drop me a line when you get back, we could do it one evening or weekend.

  11. Paquini Says:

    Atta boy!!!

  12. Caroliner Says:


  13. Shoshanna Says:

    Holy crap! Mazel tov, dude! See, all those performance-enhancing drugs are finally paying off. I mean, uhhh, fig newtons!

  14. Emery Says:

    To the trans-iowa champeen, whatta rocker


  15. Paul Says:

    I see on bikeiowa.com that you have won…again. Congrats!

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