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tired today but not too sore. i rode to tillamook and back yesterday and ate one and a half “rows” of fig newtons. i don’t know what the caloriy total was for all those newtons but i am pretty sure that traveling 165 miles on them is more efficent than a gallon of gas in a car. left the house at 8:30 am in the wet weather, met james and rolled out west. james rode for a couple hours and turned around. i jumped on hwy 6 and headed up the climb towards the ocean. the coastal range climb isn’t bad at 1586 feet. down the other side with 32 miles to tillamook and a head wind down hill. shitty. made it to tillamook around 2 pm, got a whole package of fig newtons and turned around. a little tailwind and a 25 mile “climb” to the summit was great. climbed old germantown road (my favorite route with 1000 feet of climbing in around 3 miles) and made it home via st. johns at 6:30. feeling fresh with 100 miles covered is a great feeling. i feel pretty good about the trans iowa in a couple weeks. today is all about rest, working on bikes, roasting coffee and watching the paris-roubaix at 2pm.

great harvest is making some killer energy bars for me at cost and i am so appriceative of all the people around me who have encouraged and helped me prepare for the trans-iowa. thank you all.

Noah Shuart
Brian Ecker
Brian Emery
Jeff Palmer
Wendy Leith
Paul Meyer
Kim West
Rachel Bagley
Kent Peterson
Brian Curry
Darren Pennington
Jonathon Maus
Craig Rutter
Tom and Gina Ryan
Gentiana Loeffler
Nate Armbrust
Ricky Martin
Pat and Kent White

Clara Ryan


5 Responses to “mileage”

  1. iraryanbicycles Says:

    fig newton info……
    45 fig newtons yields 2475 total calories. with 20g of both carbs and fat per serving (2 bars, ha) over 165 miles.

  2. gpickle Says:

    gpickle & cootie 2 shoes are looking forward to getting on that list once you make it back to Iowa! Thanks to everyone on there for helping our little buddy out, if helping someone get to an event like trans-iowa can really be considered help… poor guy

  3. Caroline Says:

    Aren’t you going to give yourself the runs with all those fig newtons? There’s nothing more disturbing than a marathoner with runs down his leg. Fait attention!

  4. the mostly reverend Says:

    caroline–SHHHHH! them’s racing stripes on his legs!

  5. Scott Says:

    I have an envelope with your name on it attached to my tool box. come by the shop before you leave and get your treat. It’ll be a good excuse to grab your ass.

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