rear racks and bikes to rwanda auction

stainless steel runners

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i finished this rear rack for noah the other day and it turned out great. it will also have a wooden box that bolts to the rack big enough to carry a bag a groceries or a case of beer. looking forward to seeing it on the road.
other bikes in the works include a 29R “team” bike for ricky martin, a couple of paris-brest-paris rando bikes and a city bike with some sweet custom bags.
finished john spurgeon’s bike last week so he can train on it to race it in the race across america or raam. he raced the race across orergon on a fixed gear (540 miles with 40,000 feet of climbing!) and qualified for raam so i built him a single speed bike to race on. glen’s single speed bike is almost finished and ready for action. thanks glen for being so patient.

last night was a benifit dinner and silent auction for bikes to rwanda. clara organized the dinner at fife and auction to raise money to buy the 400 bikes that we are sending to rwanda to help with coffee production. we have a dead line of 2 months to raise around $50,000. needless to say, we are a little stressed to raise the money in that time. i encourage everyone to check out the program and contribute if you can. i am working on a fundraising bike ride in the middle of april to raise money to buy some bikes. the special built bikes are $120 each and can carry around 200 kilograms of cargo on the rear rack. please check it out.

all the bikes are already spoken for by the coffee farmers and they are eager to use them as a bicycle will improve their standard of living, the prodution of coffee cherries and allow the people to pull themselves out of post genecide poverty.

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