birkie brevet + fiddy k

saturday morning came early. 5am i am up and working on coffee, oatmeal and started the clock for some “pro chamois time.” daniel, rachel and tony all show up and we pile in the van. we get to the start at 6:50 and register and mingle for a couple minutes with the other riders. you have the race bikes outfitted with fenders, a couple rivendells and a few kogswells. 73 riders in all. we roll out of the parking lot and onto the road as the sun trys to break through the heavy clouds. the roads were wet as rachel and i roll along behind the lead group. thecloud srouding the hills were beautiful. tony and daniel eventually drop back and we all ride together to the first climb. tony, daniel and i all pick up the pace and start mock racing along til we get to the first control in vernonia. eat a little pb&j and get a stamp on the card before heading up the hill to the 2nd control. the rain comes along in waves and i am soaked without fenders but it was warm so the rain wasn’t that bad. i figure it is good traniowa training. after the second control tony’s rear fender blew up and we all had to stop to take it off and store it away. up until then the pace was casual and we all stopped as a group but i wanted to roll on and get the 200k done. i rolled away from daniel, rachel, tony and nate up a little climb and meet up with jon wolfe from salem, or. good pace. we start chatting about rides we’ve done and other things that you talk about on a 126 mile ride. i think we rolled along around 17mph through the rain to the 3rd control in the birkenfeld general store. we make the stop short and we enjoy a tailwind as we roll back toward vernonia. usually i hate out and back type routes but this one was nice and scenic. i thought i was going to bonk a couple times but it seemed to pull out of it at the last minute. i heart pb&j. we cross daniel and nate and tony and rachel on the way back to vernonia for a open control and more rain. after a coke and water refill i feel great so i push the pace and gap off jon on the first climb towards timber. looking back i am alone so i push it a bit more. 2 more climbs before i hit the highway back to forest grove. i figure it out in my head that i can make a 8 hour 200k. jon is out of sight and out of mind. i make it to the end in 8 hours on the nose. sunday was the piece of cake race in washington and i told myself that i would ride 200k and race on sunday but after picking up the pace i figured it would do more harm than good on sunday. i make it back to the van and stretch out in the back. in a hour, daniel and rachel show up followed by tony and nate. i knew joel was a long way out still and i figured that if i didn’t race on sunday i should ride back home from the brevet. forest grove is around 30 miles from home. i fill my jersey pockets with food and put on wet sidis. getting back on the bike feels good and is just a taste on the transiowa. i rode north but had to take some gravel roads to get around a car accident. the climb up germantown was good and fast. across the st john’s bridge towards home. made it home at 7pm with around 250k and 14 hours chamois time for the day.


3 Responses to “birkie brevet + fiddy k”

  1. Emery Says:

    Holy Crap. Great post.

  2. Tony Pereira Says:

    I am Tony. You are way faster than me. Nice work. I’m still recovering.

  3. Caroline Says:

    Awweesome. You’re an animal! Like one of those killer bunny wererabbits. Kinda cute but really dangerous. On a bike. Or something like that.

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