work, ride, work, ride………

so i have been logging some good miles on the bike and i feel pretty good. sometimes i wish i had a coach to push me out the door in the morning when it’s raining. work has been good. orders seem to be consistant and i have been productive with the time i have been spending at the work bench. brazed together a stem in a couple hours the other day which felt really good. the brass has been flowing really well even if it has been a week or so since the last time i brazed. it all seems to be a slow but steady refinement of technique. stainless fork crowns and some nice touches on a rack are ready for paint. stay tuned for pictures.

tomarrow is a 200k brevet that we are getting up at 5am to go do. 80% chance of rain, high of 53 degrees and no fenders. ouch.

thanks so much to everyone who has sent money to help with the trans iowa race in a month. i plan on listing everyone who has kicked down to sponsor ira ryan.

good night.


One Response to “work, ride, work, ride………”

  1. gpickle Says:

    why no fenders? I recall you damaged one last weekend, could you not get it fixed in time? At least you won’t be asked to pull!

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