sunday ride


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last week i seemed to get a lot done at work so i took sunday off to ride out to a mtn bike race in north plains. climbed up logie trail to skyline and down the gravel roads to stop by the muddy mountian bike race. the sun had come out but the mud was ripping derailers off left and right. the single speeders seemed to be the only riders able to ride the whole course. after hanging out and seeing people finish for 45 minutes, i take off find the long way home. i continue out pumpkin ridge road which turns to gravel and, according to the map, dead ends but instead turns into logging roads. i only saw one truck the whole way out. after a hour or so on the road, i see the truck coming back. i stop him and ask if the road he came down leads to dutch canyon or back towards scapoose. he looks me and my fendered road bike over and recommends that i don’t take the rutted out muddy road for fear of breaking down. i assure him that i knew what i was getting into and head off up the rutted jeep trail. after only a couple feet, i realize the mud was like playdough and i portage my bike up the first climb. the ruts were a foot and a half deep with huge puddles every 500 feet. i based all my navigation off a crude map and the sun in the sky. i knew that if i kept heading north i would hit the dutch canyon logging road. the views were amazing once i made it to the top of the ridge. the “road” turned into a atv trail and eventually met up with a logging road which had exceptually well groomed gravel allowing me to let go of the brakes on the short steep decents before climbing up the equally steep climbs up the other side. finding the power lines led me back towards dutch canyon. i hit dutch canyon before otto miller road and decide to climb back up the hill to dixie mountian road. with only a couple drinks of water in one bottle, the gravel got the best of my rear honjo fender. the crack made the fender rattle with every bump of gravel i rode over. i made it to the top and eventually back to multnomah county right as i start to bonk. skyline was like glass all the way back to cornelius pass where i stop to fill my bottle. skyline to germantown road and down, across the bridge to home. the ride time was around 6 hours but the portaging of the bike slowed down the speed.

stretch, shower and eat.


3 Responses to “sunday ride”

  1. gpickle Says:

    Did you hit any sweet jumps out there?

    Nice ride report and good to hear you are stretching!

  2. nate Says:

    nice report ira. i think the time is ripe for getting an all porteur ride together. either urban or rural or both. maybe out to the coast to pick up 20 lbs of saltwater taffy and back.

  3. Kris Says:

    Great to hear that I am not the only fool who has been trying to venture alone on a bike into the maze of (mostly dead-end) logging roads between Scappoose/Dutch Canyon and North Plains. I got the Pumpkin Ridge to Dixie Mtn Rd down, but still trying to figure out how to connect from Dixie Mtn all around to the back of Dairy Creek Road, without getting completely lost …
    Also, I found the Google sattelite maps to be somewhat useful to navigate the terrain over there.

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