smile’n tommer

smile’n tommer

Originally uploaded by iraryancycles.

new bikes make everyone happy. tom picked up his bike yesterday and loves it. rides fantastic and looks super classy. eventually it will have some sweet honjo hammered fenders. look for it around portland and on seattle to portland this summer. tom works at the bicycle transportation alliance and goes to school. tom is fighting the good fight for all of us who ride bicycles.

i haven’t updated my website in a while but am working on a rework soon. if any one has any suggestions for improvements, please let me know. the website is .

training is going good and i have received 3 sponsors so far. thank you. if any one is interested in sponsoring me for the 325 mile trans iowa race, just send me $10 to help cover the race and travel. thanks for all of the support from all over the country.

hearts, ira

2 Responses to “smile’n tommer”

  1. Emery Says:

    Ira – you’ve obviously got another super happy client. Great job, so nice to see. Did you build out this ride?

  2. bikeiowa Says:

    That is a fine looking bicycle!

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