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the last couple days have been super nice in portland with sunshine, light winds and everyone out and about enjoying the springtime weather. despite all the nice weather outside i managed to get a bunch of work done in the shop. saturday i was up at 5 am and on the road by 6. met up with rachel and we hammered out a century before one. felt really good to have a good dose of sunshine for 6 hours. got to ride in short sleeves and shorts. getting back into portland and still having a half day to be able to build some shelves in my room, help joel put up the shed frame work and make some new curtains for the bathroom.

i don’t understand how i can be tired………

sunday was a sleep in day. matt called mid morning to see if i was gonna ride. the weather was great again and it seemed like everyone was all cracked out on the sunshine so i said yes. i rode out 30 and up and over logie trail to meet them at the helvatia tavern were i had a awesome burger in the middle of the ride. matt and i explored some gravel roads leading back up to skyline before heading back towards town. i felt so good. fit, strong and ready to take on anyone. trans iowa is a bit different but it looks pretty good after todays ride.

i would love to keep riding tomarrow but i feel a little guilty for not building bikes so other people can enjoy the same feelings in the sunshine.

monday is gonna be spent building a couple forks, mitering tubes and putting tommer’s bike together.


One Response to “polished”

  1. gpickle Says:

    How are the logistics of the trip back coming, Ira? If you get to Iowa City I think you can get up there, I am getting a ride with Kenny Lefler and he should have room I should think as Luanne and the dogs are staying home. Lisa Paulos is heading up too, so come to Iowa City!

    Riding sounds good, Çody and I are scoping plane tickets for early August!

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