spring cleaning

spring cleaning

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i actually took a weekend, rode 100 miles and cleaned the house. saturday was the first oregon rando ride of the year. 100k popular. joel and i left the house at 6am to meet up with racheal and greg to ride 20 miles out to the start by 8. got there just in time. the pace was fast with all the old guys at the front. by the 1st cantrol it was down to 8 people. by 40k it was 5. i started to fade at the 60k mark and dropped off. the day was great and i rolled along to the last control and waited for rachel and greg. finished up in the rain and they headed to the light rail to get back to portland and i headed up old germantown road towards home. felt good to hurt when i got home.

saturday night was the bta alice b. toeclips awards auction. i donated a frame and fork so i ended up being a bit of conversation starter in the room of 750 bike folks. it was great to be around so many bike people for a night. many familiar faces and around $30,000 raised for the bicycle transprtation alliance. i love portland.

sunday was a rest day and life maintence day. took back all the beer from the last 5 months and cleaned the house. warm and sunny so we opened all the windows. i think spring is almost here.

zak’s track bike is done and ready for paint. naoh’s bike is ready for the final rack work and i have a couple more rando bikes to finish up before i start on ricky’s 29r and joe’s fixie.

work, ride, repeat…………….

2 Responses to “spring cleaning”

  1. Paul Says:

    I don’t think many of those emptys were ours. BYW… I see that Ant mentioned you on his site…his vote for best newcomer…congrats!

  2. the mostly reverend Says:

    are ya bringing that bike on the ragby? you’d be quite popular in MY circles, as we’d NEVER have to leave the shady curbsides.

    loved reading your show summary.

    PLEASE paddle these local trans-iowa folks again.

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