post show sprinkles

the show was kind of overwhelming and trying to put down everything that happened is crazy. the trip down with tony was great. fast and good conversation for almost ten hours straight. that guy is great. we get to the show and set up. i dove in. the first day was cool. meeting builders that have been working for 30+ years was inspiring. the bikes were soo flashy. i felt like my booth was a little sparse compared to the other booths. the whole time leading up to the show i kept telling myself to not have any expectations about the show but i think it was a little overstimulating to see so much hand crafted art under one roof. my humble cupcake seemed to be looked over by the people sucked into the polished bling vortex. meeting mike and betsy flanigan from ant was great. mike’s mild manners and style of bike was refreshing. ant bike is fighting the good fight for all the right reasons. breakfast in the hotel was like a who’s who of framebuilders. richard sachs sitting next to dario pegoretti drinking coffee and eating pancakes. by the 3rd day, i was tired from the circus but still excited to talk to people about bikes. i tried to get out to see the bikes around the all but found it hard to leave my booth for more than a couple minutes. the cupcake bike looked good dressed in pink, white and silver parts. the whole time, i couldn’t wait to ride it and get it dirty. it isn’t a bike until it has a little dirt on it. by the end, i was sooo tired and hadn’t eaten a regular lunch for a couple days. i decided not to vote on bikes that builders brought because it seemed too difficult to narrow down favorites. it wasn’t just apples and oranges but also watermelons, bananas, cantalopes, tomatos and kiwis. how could anyone decide the best of it all. it seemed like people brought there best to the show and it was all good. besides, i was basing favorites on builder’s personalities. in my book, ant bike wins city bikes and whitney moyer wins track bike. i think tony’s cruiser was the the best mountain bike and sacha at vanilla blew away everyone with the booth bringing the vanilla experiance to the people. talking to richard sachs was great and his road bikes are classic.

the show ended with a night in the bar drinking with mike flanigan, jeff from sputnik tool, carl schnarl from vicious cycles and a bunch of people from seven. tony and i got tanked and listened to the shit talking before sleeping and driving back to portland with the cruise set on 83 mph.

so happy to be home.

looking forward to portland show in feb. 08.

3 Responses to “post show sprinkles”

  1. gpickle Says:

    Nice write up Ira, good attention to detail and I loved the apples/oranges expoundature! There is a good chance you will have a Pickle at the next show to help with the booth so you can get out and hobnob. I saw a few pictures of the show online and I would like to compliment you publicly on your attire, best in show for sure! Good luck with tranny prep, suckahhhhh! See you in Decorah

  2. Ari aka Ira Says:

    Ira, I saw a lot of photos from the show and I must say that American handbuilding is getting a lot of respect. I am slowly swaying away from my eurotrash bikes and finding American steel more agreeable with my stomach. I am coming very close to having the full price for one of your frames. I will be calling soon to order.
    All the best from Chicago,
    there is a bunch of people talking about building an indoor velodrome and bringing back 6 day racing. I would be in my glory.

  3. brian (islay) Says:

    saw the bike on – you are on a level with your peers in all the surrounding booths.

    nice one:-)

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