vitamin G


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the perfect balance of riding, working, eating and panicing. today ended a little dry spell of orders and reaffirmed the fact that i don’t think anyone outside portland knows who i am or what i do with the exception of a few kind friends in iowa city. (thanks pickle. you and cody rock!) i got a couple orders and a little local press coverage. sometimes i feel like being a framebuilder is a lot like some endurance event where all you can do is keep putting one pedal in front of another. i can say that once you get a bunch of bikes finished and out there is feels like a sweeping downhill (for a minute anyway).

finished daniel’s rack today, started rachel’s rack and filed a lot on noah’s frame. looking forward to starting a couple sweet rando bikes with racks and ricky’s 29R. also did my first coupler modification on daniel’s single speed cross bike.

so about the vitamin G title……. last sunday joel and i decided to do a little gravel recon out past dutch canyon rd. we poured over maps for a couple days and found a route to vernonia on logging roads and firelanes. needless to say none of the roads were marked and all were “paved” with large gravel. the trip started out with a steady climb and a stellar view. the rain started as we climbed up the side of the clearcut. a couple hours, about 6 miles and over 2000 ft of climbing later we decided we had gone far enough and turned around for a wicked decent. loose gravel (vitamin G), 2 wheel drift in the corners and 6 miles made me smile like a kid again. i love bikes!

check out joel’s report at:



6 Responses to “vitamin G”

  1. Sean Says:

    Here’s at least on person not in Portland or Iowa following along, I am a Portland native though so I guess it doesn’t really count. BTW, I live for the drift.

  2. John G Says:

    Gravel roads are the best.

  3. travis Says:

    Hey Ira I am outside of portland and one of those rando frames you are about to start on is mine. Things will pick up, more people will find out who you are shortly.

  4. JMH Says:

    I lived in PDX from ’94-’99, but now call Massachusetts home. Would love to have you build me a single speed cross frame someday, still saving my pennies. Will be in PDX the first two weeks of August, would love to meet and chat about a frame over a cup of Stumptown.

  5. Emery Says:

    Ira – Love the Modolo Professional brake set on the show bike….so classy. On another note, I’ve turned on all of my cali friends and fam on to your artistry, as well as how swell you are. It’s going to happen for you…maybe starting next month. if I could buy my bike from you all over again, I’d do it in a heartbeat. then there’s dude mixte or the porteur coming sometime in the future…..good things come to those who wait and all that. peace.

  6. the mostly reverend Says:

    you said: “sometimes i feel like being a framebuilder is a lot like some endurance event where all you can do is keep putting one pedal in front of another.”

    sounds like my life as a lawyer!!

    your frames are beautiful; my clients are crooks. that’s but one difference. but i DO get repeat business more often than you!

    when they start paying on time, or at all, you’ll get an order from me, too.

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