hearts are never played out

heart carved downtube lug

Originally uploaded by iraryancycles.

the testimonials are rolling in. eric says:

building stellar racks for their customers, so that they can take their own damn rush fedex packages (20 lbs) to fedex!

Uh- yeah, Ira- field test report for the rack: first night, full bag of groceries, no problem. I was able to carry planner, tools, computer, books, raingear, AND a full bag of groceries home on my bike, easily. I couldn’t help but think that I was carrying more than most of the people who passed me in their VW Jettas, so then I challenged each and every one of them to a fist fight, while riding at the same time, and kicked all of their asses, no problem, without even really slowing down, thanks to my new rack.

and, second day, fedex run, no problem!

also on roadbikereview.com

thanks for all the glowing remarks. now back to work.

5 Responses to “hearts are never played out”

  1. the mostly reverend Says:

    are the lug-carving options limitless? [within reason, of course!]

  2. Ari aka Ira Says:

    Ira, interested in one of your porteur frames. Have limited use of a car and I need a bike to carry groceries and general hauling. I have only one question. Are your bikes 700c or are the porteur bikes in 650b size only. I would be looking for a 62cm 700c frame. I currently am selling a bunch of junk on ebay to fund this project.
    Response would be greatly appreciated.

  3. gpickle Says:

    Checked out that RBR thread, Granny? Heh. Heh.

  4. travis Says:

    ari just call ira if he does not pick up he will call back.

  5. nate Says:

    Ira- I don’t know if you saw this, but the rack you built for me handled 60lbs just fine… http://www.flickr.com/photos/natearm/385909666/in/set-72157594502716120/

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