17 pounds!!

17 pounds!!

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that’s right 17 pounds of fillet brazed steel and a carbon fork. s.hunter stopped by on his bike to say hi and give a little feedback on the frame. super stiff and fast was the verdict so far. compared to his other bikes, this one has a tighter rear end, beefier downtube and seatstays. the tubeset is all dedacciai zero with shaped down tube that sounds like a aluminum can and 18mm seatstays for uber stiff rear triangle. very tuff. it is rare that a bike makes me get all goose bumpy but this one did when i saw it built up. can’t wait to see it with paint. think euro-trash with white pearl and campy parts.

aside from the fresh new road bike, i got some new work overalls so i don’t have to get my regular clothes all dirty at work anymore. it seems like a small thing but it has been on my list of things to get for a while now and i am pretty excited about being able to just peel off my work suit and roll out on a ride.


3 Responses to “17 pounds!!”

  1. Emery Says:

    Sarah says leave it as is…I think a nice pink Ira Ryan logo on the down tube will fix it perfect. The bike is damn sexy, man….

  2. erin playman Says:

    I got a chance to ride on that creation of yours yesterday, and I am so stoked about it. I never want to ride another road bike again. It accelerates so fast, climbs so well.

    it’s going to be hard to reuinite with my Cannondale.

  3. ian Says:

    sweet jesus. weight weenie steel race bikes. nothing better.

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