excuses are bullshit!!

so i could start off and say how i have been soooo busy and haven’t had any time to write or do anything except build bikes and drink coffee but, it i think that would make for a tiresome blog post. it is true that i have bben busy working in the shop and building bikes. lets see……henry james stainless steel fork crowns are a total bitch to polish. (you were right ben!) they have so many little tight spots to get into to and shine up but it is getting done, slowly. the frame that goes to it is gonna be sweet. lugs carved up a little bit with simple cut outs and nice lines. (noah, it is going to be really special) looking forward to the little stainless bits and the rear rack when it’s all done. um…..john’s raam bike is all finished and ready for paint. i still can’t get over the fact that john is doing raam on a fixie. 12 days, 1500 miles and a lot of pedal strokes. keith’s cross bike is almost finished and ready for paint. classy red and silver paint. chris king wheelset and headset, of course. seems like everyone in the framebuilding world is tucked away putting the final finishes on their show bikes for the handbuilt show next month. i am looking forward to the show with a certain amount of nervousness and anxiety. my goal is to take one, maybe two bikes and have a simple setup. reworking the portuer bike with new rack, handlebars and fresh paint. think cupcake bike. aside from all this, i am training and hanging out with julie. if you haven’t seen pan’s labyrinth, you should. super good. one of those movies, you need to see 3 times to catch all the little bits. training is good but not great. still not sure how the trans-iowa is all gonna work out. i keep hearing about these rides in iowa that leave at 3 am as a prep for the tranny. what the fuck, man? granted i am nervous about my fitness, but i refuse to ride before the coffee shop is open.

cause coffee is the secret ingredient!!


One Response to “excuses are bullshit!!”

  1. matt hall Says:

    ya damn right coffee is the secret ingredient…..and don’t you forget it.

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