go eddy, go!

classic portland winter storm. buckets of rain, gusts of wind and of course i decided to wear jeans and ride my mountain bike to the shop today. doh! sometimes the 25 minutes it takes to get home in the rain feels like a snapshot of the spring classics from 1975. eddy merckx powering through the sleet and headwind in a wool jersey and hairnet. no knee warmers, no gore tex jacket and certainly out longer than 25 minutes. i don’t have anything to complain about. besides, i just spent hours working with a hot torch, in a dry workshop listening to music. what do i know about suffering? wow, now that’s perspective. i have to admit that these images of cycling deities make getting through winter possible. a sence of perspective when you feel like you aren’t making it or training enough. not to mention that roger de vlemick wears those side burns soooo well while kicking ass over the pave.

2007. just a couple months till the handmade bike show in san jose and i am trying to get it together to go. it’s a lot of money but it is so good for business. it is only a month before the trans iowa too. looking like  busy spring. looking forward to having some really nice bikes ready by march.

when in doubt just put your head down and think what eddy would do, just keep going.


3 Responses to “go eddy, go!”

  1. brian Says:

    looks like we have weather in common

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Cheers to perseverance! I was out this morning for a bit, another rainy day, but wow, a lot of people out! What an inspiring place to be, this Portland of ours.

  3. the mostly reverend Says:

    ira–i’ve been riding with your future “competition.”
    you’ll do fine…AGAIN! i hope to catch you when you come to iowa this time around.

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