post ride coma

so i have to admit that i am the world’s worst speller and constantly try to spell coma as comma. sorry. anyway, as i write this i am in the middle of my post century coma. started out this morning at 8 and after fixing daniel’s crankarm, we got underway on our 100 mile ride. mellow and long was the pace for the day as daniel, greg, nate dawg and i rolled out through the frosty morning air. slowly we warmed up and made it to hagg lake for one loop before heading back to town but not before having a lunch of fried bbq beef buritos and coke colas. mmmmm. the holidays were hard for all of us to train through and we all ached a little as the hills started to mount up. ending back at the coffee shop for one last shot of coffee before heading our separate ways as darkness set in and the temp started to drop again. home, stretch, eat, shower and early to bed. hard to believe that in 4 months i will have to be able to ride 300 miles on gravel at race pace. ouch. why do i do this again? don’t answer that. anyway, looking forward to a mellow day at the shop tomarrow after some waffles and home roasted coffee with julie.


2 Responses to “post ride coma”

  1. the mostly reverend Says:

    oh, ira, the weather has been deee-lite-full out here in usually cold and snowy iowa. mid-40s to low-60s and sunny/dry.
    until today . . . when it was damp and low-50s!

    we’re digging this stuff. looking forward to sporting the “ira ryan” look back in the homeland.

    happy new year, sport.

  2. matt hall Says:

    I’m glad the comma vs coma mystery has finally been solved…….almost went on that ride yesterday, but the prospect of sleepin’ in with the lil’ lady was too much. Speaking of……when will Saska and I get to meet this elusive “JULIE”……Does she really exist? Quit being so secretive.
    hmmm……I may start training in January.
    xoxo happy new year,
    Matt and Saska

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