wax on, wax off


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ya, that’s right. 3.39 lbs. or 1537 grams for a 52cm fillet brazed race bike. i don’t know what paint will weight but it is gonna be a lightweight road machine. pretty excited to see shunter rockin this stiff little bike all summer. the final build will have a alpha q road fork, campy 10 speed and a euro-trashy paint job. it’s a toss up between a de-rosa style with black and red accents or classic white. personally, i think a garish colnago style is in order. you know, white, green, pink and maybe some yellow fade somewhere in there. anyway, keep a look out for shunter in the road races next season. got a start on john spurgeon’s raam fixed gear bike in the last couple days. pretty amazing to think that he is going to attempt the 2007 raam on a fixed gear. tough as nails. noah’s commuter tubeset is all cut and waiting to be brazed up. stainless fork crown and custom rear rack are on the order along with a wooden box on the rear rack that fits a case of beer perfectly. what a coincidence. look for it in seattle this spring. i met up with my friend zak last week about racing track in 2007. he works as a courier in portland and races on the weekend. super nice guy and really fast. hopefully the jerseys and skinsuits will be in by feb or so. looking for preorders if anyone is in. so far, i think we have 7 left in med and smalls and no skinsuits left. if all goes well, we will get some short sleeves in the summertime. if anyone wants to see the mock up, just email me and i’ll send you a pic.

i have been riding a fair amount the last couple weeks and looking forward to a century around the 1st of 07. if all goes well, i’ll get into the 07 trans iowa in april. hillier and a loop this year but i still love 24 hours on gravel. that is the spring goal. looking at paris brest paris in sep 07 but tickets to france might break the framebuilder. if that happens, i will build a classy road bike.

3 Responses to “wax on, wax off”

  1. Noah Says:

    Stainless crown? Nice!!

  2. the mostly reverend Says:

    hey, ira–
    on last night’s monday night fixie ride a new kid came along. he’s set to take a welding class at dmacc next month/semester, and wants to get into frame building. any words of advice for this young frame-builder would-be?
    i’m looking forward to the skinsuit, too!

  3. Great Home Improvement Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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