crashin with cd

mt tabor ass slide

so as i pulled myself from my bed at 6:30 am before the “sun” came up this morning i noticed a glittery coat of frost on everything. not to be shot down by some ice, i got dressed and met chris destefano at stumptown for our 7:30 ride. we tiptoed across the hawthorne bridge and made it to mt tabor for our climb. the decent in the park was fine and then the exit was off camber and solid ice. it was one of those slow, “oh shit, i’m going down” kind of things. tried the rear brake. then the tripod, foot down, flattrack style right before switching to the all out lay it down and slide under the nearest saab to stop technique. the later worked. before i came to a stop i looked over and chris was mirroring my sweet style on the other side of the street. we both got up and checked everything over about the time the old lady came out of her house and asked if we were all right. ahh the pride. i bent my saddle and chris’s disovery team paris roubaix bike’s steerer tube was still in one piece. amazing! well that changed our willingness to ride up and down rocky butte so we cruised back downtown to have a cup of coffee at the half and half.

the riding has been good and i seem to be getting the same amount of work done at the shop too. today’s goals are to finish brazing a frame and get a couple racks started.

4 Responses to “crashin with cd”

  1. steve garro Says:

    nice blog, man. better pics then i achive in my shop! i meld the steel and brass into human interactive kinetic sculptures as well! check out my blog, rock on! you gonna be at nahbs? steve.

  2. gpickle Says:

    Ira you idiot! You know you have to be riding a 29er to be safe unless you are on smooth, flat and dry pavement. At least you were wearing your helmet…

    Whats up with that bell, is that for a goat? Can I order one? I will pay top dollar!

    Wore the new “PICKLE SPECIFIC” IRC cap on the 3 hour gravel ride today, fits like a glove, my brother.

    Thank you/Love you

  3. the serrach Says:

    the cd is tends to be a wee bit fragile. fortunately his legs are the same diameter as the actual bone, so you’d be able to spot any fractures without an x-ray.

  4. James Says:

    I had a similar experience that day and discovered that the lay down under the bike method of stopping works esp. well if the friction produced by disintegration of your glasses on your face, combinded with the micro-turbulences produced by snow under Honjo fenders slows your bike before you hit a volvo.

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