Bwaze it up!!

lots of brass the last couple weeks. getting better at torch control and flowing the brass with every frame i fillet. i seem to be adding complexities to my frames that never seem to shave off the time. using a crazy light shaped down tube on shunters road bike that took a lot longer to miter mainly because the tubing was so much harder to file on than anything else i have used before. the end result is awsome though. super light and stiff with the tubing all oversized on a 52 cm frame. looking to tip the scales at around 3.5 lbs with a carbon fork. exciting. meanwhile i am getting a number of rack orders from people all over the country. arizona, california and washington. need to order a bunch of tubing.

aside from my job of remaining behind the vice with file and hacksaw in hand, i am working hard on the business side of things and getting jerseys and skinsuits for next year. i have seen the proofs and they look great. all black with white band across the chest and back saying ira ryan cyles. the sleeves and legs of the skinsuits also say ira ryan in white. simple, classic and timeless (like a lugged steel road bike) the first order is going to have 10 long sleeve jerseys and 3 or 4 long sleeve skinsuits for team riders. i don’t have a final price set yet but i am looking for feedback from people interested in buying some long sleeve jersey action. please email me or call and let me know so i can get the right numbers. the last batch of hats went fast and already working on some more. it takes a lot of time to do all the silk screening but it is worth it for cool custom hats.

bikes in the works. super classic commuter fixie with lots of polished stainless details and a handmade wooden box for the rack. john’s raam fixie bike for his assult on the 2007 raam race. (and i thought messengers were a hardy lot) building a pure track racing bike for zak to race on next year. right now he races on a raleigh track bike from the 70’s that is beautiful but too small for him. fillet brazed, double oversized with a carbon track fork. building 2 classic lugged rando bikes with front racks. one for a portland local  planning on doing paris brest paris in 07 and another for a guy in south dakota where it is around 9 degrees right now. ouch. cold.

oh and i am riding a couple times a week in a attempt to get some solid base miles in my legs. i love my road bike again.  hearts.

6 Responses to “Bwaze it up!!”

  1. gpickle Says:

    sitting here with my feet warmed by socks your mum knit me as I sip coffee you roasted in you kitchen and wearing my one of a kind IRC pickle cap I feel like such a cheerleader. Go Team!

    (thanks for the goods, Ira!)

  2. Ira Ryan Says:

    shouting out a big toasty warm BOO YAH out to the colonel. hearts.

  3. the mostly reverend Says:

    you’ve GOT to get mr. pickle some pants. coffee, cap and socks just isn’t enough for THAT cheerleader…and as his attorney, i advise him to hold his coffee cup with a modicum, nay, a spoonful, of delicate discretion.

    i look forward to the clothing order. i’ve been talking and writing you up, so that your local name recognition is skyrocketing, mr. ryan. wait til they see me sporting the classic look!

  4. Patrick Says:

    Let’s go ride. Drop me a line the next time the weather is supposed to be absolutely horrible and let’s head out.

    I’m down with a longsleeve jersey. I’m also thinking about a steel cross bike for next year, hmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmmmmm

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