bills and base miles

serious hat look

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that is what its been all about lately. working my tail off at the shop and looking fresh in the new hat style. i have ten or so left and they are going for $20 each. they are hand sewn, hand screened and fit better than any hat out there. they were put together by caroline at here in portland. i should have had a couple made with ear flaps as it is sooooo cold in portland lately.
started work on shunter’s fillet brazed road bike frame yesterday. supppper light oversized dedachai tubing for the frame and inch and a eighth carbon fork. looking forward to a 17 lb. complete build. photos to come soon. took a couple frames to paint yesterday and picked up my road bike frame that took me 6 months to repair and get back on the road. super fun to be able to ride again.
finished up super mike’s cross bike frame and fork that he won at the westside invite last year and looking forward to seeing it rock around SF.
went for a ride this morning with matt hall out hwy 30 and up logie trail. no snow on the hwy but just a quarter mile up the climb it started looking like a currier and ives painting with all the trees dusted and hanging down with snow. a little ice on the climb but no traffic. up to skyline and back in towards portland amidst the snow and ice. matt and i bombed down the firelane on saltzman and i headed to the shop to get some work done. looking forward to more miles this winter with sights set on the 3rd trans-iowa race in april. taking donations for a ticket if anyone is interested.
ira ryan cycles long sleeve jerseys are in the works and should be in around febuary. they go so well with the fresh hat style.


2 Responses to “bills and base miles”

  1. Ian Says:

    Get with it.

  2. Caroline Says:

    Word. Thanks for sharing the hat goodness with me. I like making your hats. In fact, before I read about these ear flap hats I’d already started making ear-flappy, billed hats out of that stretchy orange wool you gave me. Hmmmmm? Hmmmm! MMMMMMMM!

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