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stem and fork

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so the universe is a crazy place some times. or maybe portland is at the center of so much bicycle culture these days. i heard about this weblog called the the washing machine post and checked it out and as i am scrolling down i see matt hall riding his custom ira ryan cyclo cross bike. crazy!!! anyway, the blog is great. good style, great writing and wonderfully british.
the shop has been busy with brian’s bike finished and ready to go to paint as sson as i can find a dry couple hours to get it down there and another portuer rack in the works. looking forward to getting my repaired road bike back as cross season is over and i need to start riding if i am going to try to win the trans-iowa gravel road race this april. i heard that there is going to be a roubaix style race near eugene in the spring. anyone know anything about it?
the ira ryan jerseys are in the works and should be out in febuary, i think. all black (cause it goes with everything) with ira ryan down the sleeves or maybe a white panel across the chest and back. oh, i picked up the next batch of hats from caroline today and they look awsome. a couple orange and white and 10 dark green and orange. i will post photos up tomarrow as it is thanksgiving and i am sleeping late.
good night.

8 Responses to “livin the dream”

  1. Emery Says:

    Looking super great! It’s been an awesome process……Save a cap and a jersey for me…

  2. michael Says:

    i vote for a panel on the jersey…!
    is it even up for a vote…?
    are you a dictatorship or a democracy ira…?

  3. Davey P Says:

    Trans-what? Do the fellas wear skirts and the gals wear sock garters er what?

  4. Caroline Says:

    Can’t wait to see my nice big hats on nice big heads!

  5. the mostly reverend Says:

    hey, ira, do we get a choice of long or short sleeves? jersey or skinsuit?
    ya know, sometimes here in iowa, while riding across the plowed fields, it can be sometimes hot, and other times cold. but ya GOTTA look cool ALL the time!
    that’s the sermon, amen. lettuce spray.

  6. Patrick Says:


    (On a longsleeve Medium)


  7. Dave Says:

    Eugene Roubaix Race, April 14th, 2007.

    Planning for the race is in the works, it will be epic…

  8. Jackie Says:

    Thanks for your great post i am doing a study on this and you really helped me out here



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