weekend update

short post as it has been a busy weekend. finished a quick frame repair at the shop on friday before heading to a sram open house in se portland. i can hardly stand the industry anymore. after so many years the sight of another shimano mechanic shirt with flames on it is gonna drive my nuts. thankfully they had beer and pizza and lots of good people around to talk to. the new sram stuff is really slick. good design, ok asthetic and just enough carbon to sell it. after that i went to celebrate ben’s 30th birthday and got a little more drunk. damn, he’s a snappy dresser. woke up sat am a little rough but ready to meet with tom ritchey and the bikes to rwanda program about prototype bikes and the like. really good guy with some great ideas but hard to get past the mustache. really intense meeting for three hours and off to meet daniel at the lompoc to talk summer bike ride plans. sunday was rainy and colder and perfect cross racing weather. the gentle lovers team had a mobile hot tub at the race and custom speedos too. since it was a uci race, everyone was there so the industry schmoozfest was going  great. super muddy and sloppy but good racing. early to bed to night so i can get to work early tomarrow to start the raam bike i am building for john spurgeon and shunter’s road frame. also on the list is another portuer rack and a rando bike for 2007 paris brest paris.


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  2. Ira Ryan Says:

    truely spoken like the colonel, colonel.

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