adventure metal

so the last few days have been epic weather. people keep telling me that this is a 100 year flood. it is soo wet out there. all i gotta say is i love not being a bike courier anymore. anyone that sees a bike messenger out in this crap need to run up and give em a big warm hug for being such tough cookies in this kind of weather. meanwhile, the shop has been dry and cozy with hot coffee and torch in hand. i have been roasting small batches of coffee at home and getting pretty good at it despite the electric stove hurdle. i think roasting coffee may be the new fly fishing in my life. relaxing, ritualistic and doesn’t involve anything bike related. they do feed each other though. i mean, i can get so much done once i am all wired on coffee.

i finally got started on the bike i am building for super mike in san francisco this week. anyone that knows super mike, knows he is aces. not only is he a great guy but he is one of the fastest couriers in the world. he won the grand prize at last years west side invite bike messenger race, a custom ira ryan frame and fork. soon super mike will be rolling on a super fresh cyclo cross frame though.

went for a ride in the dark in forest park last night armed with nothing but a tiny commuter headlight. it was great. all the rain has knocked down all the leaves and the fire roads are all really hard to see in the dark. so much mud but it felt good to get out in it. i picked up brian’s single speed portuer bike with discs today and it it so pretty. wanted to get a picture but i didn’t have my camera. soon. keeping the painters busy with a frame every time i go down to see them. looking forward to getting my trans iowa bike back from paint and getting rebecca’s mixte touring bike rolling too.

maybe this is why i drink all that coffee.

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