crisp lines ‘n soggy streets

drop out

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just picked up tom’s bike at acme paint shop and it looks bangin!! classic colors, crisp details and a sweet ride. we got the frame pump painted to match and i don’t think it’ll be last one i do. with all the rain the last couple days it is nice to have a break for a few hours to shoot some pics of the frame and fork. i am out of dry shoes to wear and resigned to the moist shoe action in the mornings. the good thing is that the rain usually bring warmer temps which is better than being cold AND wet. all the bike lanes around town are filling up with leaves as the rain and wind knock em right into the roadway. keeps you on your toes.
celebrated sacha white’s birthday last night with 80 other people and dodgeball. so much fun. he and his wife rented out the local school gym for a couple hours to host a whole bunch of adults acting like kids again. remembered that i can’t throw at all. good times and a lot of sweat.
planning on riding to the cross race tomarrow. we’ll see about all the rain. coffee and pancakes sound pretty good right now.
musical check in: dj common, like water for chocolate. bruce springsteen, nebraska. 124 bloomington st. mix from the colonel. (ministry AND dee lite, wow)

2 Responses to “crisp lines ‘n soggy streets”

  1. Emery Says:

    Wow. That frame looks amazing – great work.

  2. My Shopping Planet Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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