Oingo Boingo

(or crazy week of work).

lets see, what have i been doing (other than writing on the blog) this week. my friend glen left for africa and took the “sample” bikes to rwanda bike with him. spent all week testing it out and cruising around town on it to get the word out about the whole program. anyone interested in the project should check out the website (bikestorwanda.com). so glen and i repacked up the beast of a bike so he could take it over and put it together in africa. we are all a little jealous of glen’s trip but anyway.

working in the shop. never as much time as i want but getting bikes cranked out all the same. i feel like my fillet brazing kung fu is getting better and i don’t have to spend as much time filing and cleaning up the joints. it still seems that every frame refines my skills with the torch and files more and more. last friday i ended up at a framebuilders potluck at andy newlands (strawberry bicycles) shop/house with 90% of the framebuilders in portland. a sick part of me thought “if this place got bombed it would totally open up the portland framebuilding market.” it was really great to get everyone together and have a couple drinks together. the event went late into the evening and the apple crisp i made rocked the house. it is crazy sometimes to stand back and realize the community this place has for the cycling and the cycling industry. it warms my heart to be a part of it. that was also the first time i had been to andy’s shop. wow! huge, clean, organized, toos and machinery he has had for 30+ years too. seeing other people’s shops really gives you a good idea for set up and production methods. oh and he had a good keg of beer too.

today was the halloween cross race. all week long i have been trying to ride but to no avail so i bailed out on the racing option and decided to ride out to the race with my friend daniel. we took the train out to the end of the line in hillsboro and rode from there. when we left portland it was rainy and cold but half way out on the train the sun came out and warmed everything up. the ride was great. tailwind, rolling hills, and talked like a couple of coffeed up bike nerds the whole way out. 15 miles out to the race before he turn towards the hills and start to climb, and climb, and climb some more. i should mention that daniel is on a fixed gear. we get to the top and start the downhill on gravel for 4 more miles. the gravel was super loose and thick with washboards and a lot of race traffic that didn’t slow down for the cyclists riding out to the race as much as one would think. after some walking and taking off my broken rear fender, we made it to the race in time for it to start to rain. everyone was dressed up (or down) and drinking beer. i had a couple pancakes made and served by chris king himself and milled about. daniel and i didn’t stick around too long as we were getting cold. we headed back on the gravel. something about having a 3 hour ride as a warm up and then hitting the gravel just makes for a good ride. about half way back i started to bonk but found a apple tree next to the road. i swear that were the best apples i have ever had. made it back to portland after dark just in time to enjoy a hot  shower and a  quality post-ride comma.


3 Responses to “Oingo Boingo”

  1. race fan Says:

    i know what apple tree you are talking about…i saw it and wanted to stop and pick some!

  2. matt hall Says:

    Ah, the “post-ride coma”……. one of the great joys in life.

  3. Wayne Sosin Says:


    I look forward to speaking with you about the Bikes to Rwanda project. Please contact me..
    Wayne Sosin
    Worksman Cycles
    718 322 2000

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