longer hours, shorter days

getting a ton of work done in the shop this week. finished a fork, a double tube replacement, and half a fillet brazed frame and i am pooped. the cloud are rolling in and the temp is cooling off and all i wan to do is work and eat potato soup. looking forward to riding more this winter. something about this soggy weather makes me want to put in centuries all winter long.

i say this as i am eating a cookie.

i read a article about richard sachs today. man, talk about living the dream. he build 75 bikes per year and races 40 to 50 races a year. his waiting list is 52 months long and the frames start at $3000. granted, he has been building frames for 30 years but it seems like he’s got it made.

i picked up metallica, kill em all today which accented the overdose of caffine in my system and allowed me to get more done, faster. i am a little burned out on my music at the shop right now. NPR is to depressing, commercial radio is well commercial and i can’t afford a ipod. i have taken to singing to myself and remembering a couple trips in steve’s bug, lent, without a radio. peace and quiet with the sound of filing and drilling in the background.

bikes up to bat include a couple classic lugged road bikes with fillet brazed stems, a fixie RAAM bike and shunter’s fillet brazed road bike with carbon fork. stay tuned.


3 Responses to “longer hours, shorter days”

  1. cootie twoshoes Says:

    You hang in there, Ira. Me and the ol’ gpickle are whippin’ up some special mixed CDs, just for you. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… you’ll bleed from your ears.

    We’ll get ’em in the mail next week.

  2. gpickle Says:

    I just ate a cookie as I was reading your post. Coincidence?


  3. Ira Ryan Says:

    mmmmmm bloody ears. my favorite.

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