rollin’ with biggy

post race mud bike

Originally uploaded by iraryancycles.

oh my god, i love cross!! just got back from the first true cross race of the season. the rain, the mud, the epic looks on everyones faces as they rode by rear tires breaking loose like a moto cross bike on wet grass. cold temps around 50 degrees this morning with steady rain and stiff wind blowing more rain clouds in. i think it takes a “special” type of personality to really apreciate true cross weather but there were more than a couple people jumping with glee about the rain and mud. Matt Hall raced well and navigated the mud better than most of the field. i told someone last week that i felt a bit like a soccer mom having matt race for Ira Ryan Cycles. they said i should show up at the next race with a cooler full of capri suns to give to matt at the finish. wow, that’s a perspective change. the next move is to get some real kits.
anyone out there interested in a long sleeve Ira Ryan jersey?


5 Responses to “rollin’ with biggy”

  1. g(sus)pickle Says:


  2. michael Says:


  3. playman Says:

    me! meeee! yes.

  4. Emery Says:

    Heck, I’m down with that.

  5. the mostly reverend Says:

    oh, THIS is the place to register our desires! yup, i’m down with the groove…

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