shop time?

I once heard a friend who runs her own business say the you end up spending 70% of your time running around for your work and only 30% of your time actually working AT your job. i think this may be true. i spent most of my time this last week paying all my bills, picking bikes up and dropping them off at paint and powder and meetings. granted it is all important to keep business rolling, but sometimes i just want to go burry myself in the zen of filing and shaping metal. bike progress: finished joels single speed cross bike yesterday. ready for the 1986 paint job. worked on a couple more racks and started nicole’s super light fillet brazed fixie. Mr. Metz got his Kogswell portuer bike together and it looks classic.

Ira Ryan Portuer Rack

    the rack is (of course) a Ira Ryan built and it’s bangin’. aside from bike bidness, i finally roasted a batch of coffee at the house. wow, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. the Bikes to Rwanda project is rolling along and all the administrative stuff is getting sorted out. if i were a super hero i think my super power would be pragmatism.

    well, maybe that and drinking a lot of coffee.

    check these out!!


    4 Responses to “shop time?”

    1. Jules Says:

      You are so f´n adorable!

    2. cootie twoshoes Says:

      What kinda bar is that? Moustache?

      Dreamy brake levers…

    3. Ira Ryan Says:

      that would be a nitto (neat-o!) promenade flat bar custom reamed to accept reverse pull (tri style) brake levers.

    4. Emery Says:

      I saw Joel cruising down NW 19th this week on the new ride. Just had time to whistle as he rolled past in the opposite direction. beautiful black porteur…

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