Harvest moon and cross racin’

Matt Hall

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saturday started off with a mild hangover and a early ride out to st johns to get to work and get a little bit of work done before i met up with a bunch of friends to ride out to sauvie island and visit the corn maze and pick up pumpkins. of coarse, with the group being made up of all couriers, the ride started late but we all made it out to the island in time for the season madness of all the families, kids, cars and produce. we all milled about eating corn on the cob before sneaking into the corn maze and running around trying to scare each other. eventually we found our way out and went out to the pumpkin patch to find our pumpkins. we all looked pretty funny walking around in a huge field of pumpkins wearing our messenger bags and cut off pants. a bit out of place but we all found our pumpkins. as we were getting ready to leave we decided to ride further out on the island to the beach on the columbia to drink claire’s homemade grape hooch. the ride was longer than we thought but we all made it to the sandy beach to watch all the geese flying north. the hooch was great. joel rode the cargo bike and picked up 75 pounds of cabbage to make sour kraut, a couple 10 pound pumpkins and a assortment of other locally produced goods. it was a long slow ride. joel and i left before everyone else as the sun was getting lower in the sky. it would be a couple hours ride back to portland. by the time we got to the bridge to the highway, it was already dark and we had two flats. we had a drunken cargo paceline for 5 miles under the beautiful harvest moon to the st johns bridge. we regrouped across the bridge and made our way to the portway tavern for a last round of pitchers and went home with our precious fall harvest.

sunday was grey and cold in the morning. perfect weather for cross aside from a bit dry. called kevin to see if he was racing and i got a ride out to the race. got to barlow high school in time to see the men’s b’s and single speeds start and race. dry and cool but soon it started to rain a little. tommy from veloshop killed it in the single speed race and came across the line first with a huge grin on his face. the b’s field was stacked with tons of people to cheer for. i walked around making observations to help matt prepare for the a’s race. which line here? which runup is faster? try for the holeshot or work your way up through the field? i swear i feel like a soccer mom watching people ride the bikes i built race. sophie raced in the women’s single speed race on her new ira ryan single speed. she killed it and looked great on the bike. going fast AND smiling as she glided over the barriers. matt’s race started and saska and i went to the runup to watch. first lap of a hour long race and matt was mid field. holding his position and riding strong as the rain began to fall. there is nothing better than watching racers trying to compensate for changes in course conditions. so many good crashes in the slick mud. matt started to move up and look strong as the conditions got worst but not enough before the race was over. next week.

a long weekend of riding and racing and now i am eating some homemade potato soup and drinking a good beer. i love fall.

One Response to “Harvest moon and cross racin’”

  1. Ira Ryan Says:

    i just checked the race results from today and sophie won the her race on her ira ryan single speed!! booyah!!!

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