the dusty circus

matt hall 1

Originally uploaded by iraryancycles.

first cross race is always a blowout. people, bikes, the signs of fall. got out to the race just in time to watch matt race. the kit, the bike, i think i was more nervous than matt at the start. he looked calm and collected and was racing well. so much dust and bumps through the dry cow pastures. next thing you know he crashed out and broke his dura ace shifter and srapped his hip pretty bad but he was positive with the looking forward to next weeks race. matt hall can still dust anyone in the technical sections.
besides it’s all about cross in the dead of winter with the rain, cold and mud.


3 Responses to “the dusty circus”

  1. g-sus-pickle Says:


  2. cootie twoshoes Says:

    Oh, but my goodness.

    I think I might be blushing.

    Is that a skinsuit?

  3. Ira Ryan Says:

    the only one in exsistance as a matter of fact. he’s like johnny cash on a bike.

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