if i had a dead ca, i couldn’t swing it around in my shop without hitting a custom built front rack. i think thats a good thing. i feel more like a minny rack factory. put the finishing touches on brians portuer single speed with discs and its ready for paint. awesome!! last night i worked until 8 pm and then strapped on my lights for a little night ride up in forest park. i can hit atrailhead into the park 4 minutes from my shop in st johns. i haven’t riddeen at night for a while but the time seems to go so slow. hard to see how much ground you are covering in the dark in the middle of the woods. total commute time home: 2 hours total with 1.5 hours on the dirt. now i am a littlejeolous of tony periera for his upcoming trip to 24 hours of moab. knock em dead tony.

music, i need new music!!! the shop gets a little hard listening to the same 20 cds for months now. i gladly accept donations. most listened to music lately: Rhymefest (Chicago hip hop) is soooo good, Andrew Bird (anyone who hasn’t heard him, do it now), and all of the mixes from my friends G Pickle and Cootie (classic mixes).

gotta slam this coffee and get to the shop. peace out.


5 Responses to “RACK ATTACK!!!”

  1. g-sus-pickle Says:

    I do not know what style of keyboard YOU use but on mine the comma (,) is no where near the t (t) so maybe YOU should take a moment to proofread your entries before posting tehm?

  2. g-sus-pickle Says:


  3. iraryanbicycles Says:

    no i meant to say “if i had a dead coma….”

  4. g-sus-pickle Says:


  5. g-sus-pickle Says:

    oh yeah, thanks for the pictures, that mountain bike looks steep!

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