long rides and long hours

rode out to the hood river cross race with kevin on sunday. the weather couldn’t have been better with highs in the 80’s and sunshine all the way up lolo pass road and into hood river. expecting gravel and long climbs i rode my mountain bike and kevin rode his cross bike with big touring tires. strange to ride through gresham and then 3 hours later to be in the shadow of mt hood and surrounded by nothing but wilderness. the climb took a couple hours on pavement followed by a 5 or 6 mile gravel decent down the backside towards hood river. we stopped at a roadside orchard and picked up a couple pears that tasted great in the sunshine. made it to the cross race just in time to see the a’s start. fast, dry and bumpy race. kevin and i split up to get rides back to portland after our 6 hour, 80 mile adventure.

got a lot done in the shop this week. building 4 portuer rack at the same time and finishing up a fillet brazed stem for Dee with a custom flower bud vase built in. i look forward to the weather turning cooler and wetter so i can get more done in the shop. projects up to bat nest: building a fixed gear RAAM bike for John Spurgeon to race on in 2007, ultralight weight fixie for Nicole and building a cross bike for Super Mike who won the 2006 west side invite messenger race. looking to finish brian’s single speed portuer with discs tomarrow so i can send it off to paint. it is amazing how much you can get done in a 11 hour work day.

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