midnight oil

so i stayed at the shop late last night to finish up the disc brale tabs on Brian’s single speed portuer bike. looking super classy and BIG. checked bikeportland.org this morning and saw a post about the rporting of bike accidents in the mainstream media. very well put points regarding what information is of icluded and omitted in the report and often how the info is relayed.


i think every cycling community could benefit from such a perspective check.

note: to the few people that are checking this silly daily regurjitation of experience, i am working on how this program works. i like to think of it as starting out with the balancing, then move to the pedaling, then the brakes and gears. i don’t think i have the training wheels off yet. soon.


One Response to “midnight oil”

  1. gpickle Says:

    Hey lets just get one thing straight I don’t check you blog or whatever like every day because I have stuff to do, important stuff regarding my you know, like interests and stuff and hangin’ yo with my friends and if you think I just sit at the computer all day every day just waiting for a new entry from you then I just have to say get over it or something because its not like that and I don’t care what you think because I’m totally a good person and I can do things and people like me alot but that does’nt make me stuck up and shit it’s just that sometimes I need a good laugh maybe so I look at peoples blogs even people I don’t like much its just something to do because this town is so totally like dead and stuff so once I move to a big city with some big stuff to do you can just forget it!

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