X treme Scar Face

so i built up the mtn bike (sweet), drank way too much coffee (wired) and rode to work hurling myself down a super steep trail and totally stacked it (Doh!). i chalk it all up to operator error. i skidded for about 4 feet on my face before my experiment with Newton’s laws of physics ended. oh my god it hurt. of course i jump up and check the bike before tending to my shreded face. bike is fine. rear wheel a little out of true but everything else is fine. the face, fucked up. i didn’t know how bad it was until i got to work and looked in the mirror. Mmmm dirt and blood. i washed it out and started filing on Brian Ellin’s single speed portuer with discs and a eccentric bottom bracket. sweet combo of super classy ride with hand carved lugs AND modern disc technology. i gotta love it. after work i rode accross the st johns bridge to forest park for a little more (but less extreme) mtn biking. sunday afternoon and all these happy families out hiking and gawking at the fucked up face riding by. i try to flash a smile but with this look people seem to want you to snarl. the bike climbs super well (hell it has a triple) and flies on the rolling single track. i lowered the seat a hair to help with the decents and it cooks.

good day at work bracketed by some sweet mtn biking. anyone up for a night ride on fireroad W?

stayed up late last night finishing another cross bike for Joe Staples. Totally sweet build. classic white lugged frame with carbon fork, chris king cross wheels and dura ace (dur-ach-Ae) drive train. throw on some light weight ritchey carbon goodies finish it off with euro style white bar tape and you end up with a bangin 19 lb. cross machine. It’s great watching a grown up person look like a kid about something so cool.

i can’t wait to see all these beutifull bikes covered in mud. onw more week.


One Response to “X treme Scar Face”

  1. g-sus-pickle Says:

    Oh Ira, say it aint so! Normally I would tell you to rub some dirt on it but it sounds like you did that as it happened so good on ya! Glad to hear you still got out for your ride. Tough guy point to you.

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