gone shredin’

woke up this morning to dry skies and had to get to work early to meet John Spurgeon to discuss his RAAM fixed gear bike so i rode the new mountain bike up along willamette blvd on the single track and down behind university of portland, along the railroad tracks to pirate town and up to the shop. i just gotta say it is great to have a 6 mile commute be half single track. i don’t claim to be any kind of mountain biker but i do like being able to get to work with half the auto presence on the trip. worked on joel metz’s single speed cross frame and brian ellin’s single speed portuer with discs. after work i headed across the st johns bridge to hit up the ridge trail in forest park. having gears on a mountain bike for the first time in years made hill climbing a joy. still work but able to ride all the way up the hill and shift up for the smokin downhill on saltzman road. being able to ride again is gonna get me through the long grey winter. anyone wanna ride this weekend?


One Response to “gone shredin’”

  1. cootie twoshoes Says:

    Photos, man! I need photos!!

    Like dangling keys in front of a baby, I want to see the shiny bike!

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